Virus-Free Air in Retail Stores

People were concerned about the air they were breathing even before a global pandemic hit. Now, it's at the forefront of their minds and will guide their actions for years to come. Customers will no longer just judge your store on things like parking, prices and product selection. They will factor in how seriously you take their health too.  OurAir mobile filtration units from MANN+HUMMEL are all-in-one units that enable you to turn any indoor space into a virus-free environment.  Operate your store safely with clinically-clean air for your facility.  Individually-tested H14 HEPA filters¹ capture 99.9995% of viruses, bacteria and other micro-organisms to protect your customers and employees.

of consumers avoided shopping

in-store because of concerns

about catching COVID-19.²

Meet the new customer demand and offer virus-free air in your stores


A visit to the supermarket is a part of everyday life. Somewhere customers expect a safe and healthy environment as a given. But the outbreak of COVID-19 has changed this – possibly forever. What was once seen as an inherently safe activity now raises fears of catching a potentially deadly viral infection. And while online shopping has picked up much of the stay-at-home demand, there are still many customers that rely on shopping in store. Through individually tested HEPA filters, our devices can reduce the risk of COVID-19 circulating in a retail setting. Neither retrofitting nor construction work is required. Ensure virus-free air in your store with the OurAir mobile air cleaning system from MANN+HUMMEL, a leading filtration company for 80 years


1 According to the ISO 29463 and EN 1822 standards