Virus-Free Air in Gyms and Fitness Centers

Anti-COVID Air Purification Systems Reduce the risk of infection in gyms and workout facilities.  Operate your fitness center safely with clinically-clean air for your building.  OurAir mobile filtration units from MANN+HUMMEL are all-in-one units that enable you to turn any indoor space into a virus-free environment.  Operate your store safely with clinically-clean air for your facility.  Individually-tested H14 HEPA filters¹ capture 99.9995% of viruses, bacteria and other micro-organisms to protect your customers and employees.

of respondents to a U.S. poll didn’t

feel comfortable going to the gym

because of concerns about COVID-19.²

Meet the new customer demand and offer virus-free air in your building


Lots of people breathing hard in an enclosed environment make gyms and fitness centers an ideal place for COVID-19 and other viruses to spread. But no business wants to be in the headlines as the center of an outbreak – the bad publicity will remain long after any shutdown has been lifted.   With customers focused so sharply on COVID-19, the businesses that best put their minds at rest will stand out. An effective air cleaning system will not only show you care for your customers, but will protect your employees and ultimately reduce the risk to your business.  Provide patrons and staff with virus-free air in your fitness center with OurAir mobile air purification systems  from MANN+HUMMEL, a leading filtration company for 80 years


1 According to the ISO 29463 and EN 1822 standards