Combi-filter HEPA + Activated Carbon for OurAir SQ 500

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Combi-filter HEPA + Activated Carbon for OurAir SQ 500

heroimage of filter media in lab HEPA H14 + Odor Control CombiFilter OurAir SQ 500

Combi-filter that combines HEPA H14 filtration with a highly efficient gas absorption layer. HEPA H14 filter layer catches > 99.995% of viruses, bacteria and microorganisms, dust, hair and pollen.

Multifunctional, chemically impregnated activated carbon layer for the significant reduction of:
–Unpleasant organic odors
–Harmful gases
–Odors of disinfectants and detergents

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Material Number
Combi-filter OurAir SQ 500
  • Filtration Efficiency

    H14 according to EN1822

  • Dimensions

    364x521x45 mm

  • Description

    Combi-filter for OurAir SQ 500

  • Item No.


The lifetime of an odor control filter depends on many different environmental conditions and can therefore not be exactly calculated. We recommend to replace this filter every 12 months, or earlier in case you recognize a significant drop in odor reduction performance.

Please note: The additional functionality reduces the air volume flow by approx. 20%

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