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Antiviral Room Air Purifiers

Provides safe and virus-free indoor air

Virus-free air with a
cleanroom pedigree

For more than 60 years, our filters have been in service in cleanrooms and operating rooms around the world - protecting people and the wider environment from some of the most dangerous viruses, substances and other contaminants known to man. You can trust us to protect your visitors, your team and your building.

  • 80 years


  • 2 Million/Day

    Filters Manufactured in our facilities

  • 60 years

    Know-How In Cleanroom & Operation Room Filtration

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Provide clean, virus-free air in your building to protect against COVID-19, influenza and other viruses.

Clinically-clean air

Individually-tested HEPA filters1 capture >99.995% of viruses, bacteria and other micro-organisms.

Ultra quiet operation

Efficient motors and intelligent filter designs deliver high performance at a sound output of just < 30 – 40 dB(A)2

High air exchange rates

Powerful air flows clean more air, more quickly for improved safety and cleanliness.


Mobile plug-and-play solution for healthy and virus-free air.

Energy efficient

Optimized system and filter media designs cut down on resistance and boost energy efficiency.

Easy Maintenance

Filters can be replaced in minutes, and are easily accessible.

"I recommend using the MANN+HUMMEL air purifier as a sensible supplement to the usual hygiene measures and regular ventilation, in order to reduce the aerosol concentration and thus the risk of infection in the family practice."

Dr. Jürgen Herbers

GP and member of the board of the GP
Association Baden-Württemberg


OurAir is ideal for use in...

Ensure healthier, virus-free air everywhere in your practice

Medical & Healthcare

Jonny M. is a well-known name among fitness clubs in southwestern Germany. The club sets standards in terms of training in a special environment, the quality of training equipment and training methods. To ensure that all members can workout safely even during a pandemic, all hygiene rules are strictly applied. In addition, the managers have been using OurAir SQ 2500 for months at all locations and on all floors. Annabelle Sattler, Marketing Manager at JONNY M. says, "We want to offer our members the best environment for safer workouts in our clubs. To make that possible, we chose the best option, as we do with all our equipment."​ ​


Fitness Clubs​

“MANN+HUMMEL saved our conference. It was a challenge holding a two week conference with 50 attendants in a landmarked palace during the Covid pandemic. The very handy, low noise effective air cleaners from MANN+HUMMEL – straight from the production line – were a great relief for us and gave our attendants a feeling of security.”​

Frank Trümper, Managing Director​

BBUG - Baden-Baden Entrepreneurs’ Talks, Conference

For club managers, the current situation is even more difficult than for businesses in other industries. In order for clubs to be allowed to open - and stay open - strict hygiene regulations must be observed. Since September 2021, Club Freiraum in Offenburg, Germany, has been offering its guests and team an extended protection concept: Seven OurAir SQ 2500 air purifiers ensure that the virus-laden aerosol load in the indoor area is drastically reduced on a permanent basis. The devices fit very well in the interior of the Freiraum and offer additional protection during the club visit besides the official hygiene concept.​

Club Freiraum in Offenburg​

A leading 4-star hotel in Bad Fuessing, Bavaria provides healthier air for its guests and staff in its hotel with seven OurAir antiviral air purifiers. According to the mission statement "Come in and feel at home. You will feel at home with us!“ The company does everything to ensure that guests can enjoy a safe and relaxed stay. The product itself as well as the proof of effectiveness, which was carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics on behalf of Dehoga Bayern (German Hotel and Restaurant Association in Bavaria) convinced the management to equip their hotel with OurAir antiviral air purifiers.​

Thermal & Vital Resort Schweizer Hof

The German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg uses 11 new, high efficient room air purifiers from MANN+HUMMEL in its buildings to effectively clean the indoor air of coronaviruses.​

German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)​

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